Warehousing Services

In today’ competitive world, the timely satisfaction of customer’s demand is the sole objective of all the organizations.

We at Pooja Transport Corporation, have competitive and most effective Warehousing and Logistic Management Services by having our various warehouses at strategic location across India.

This is the finishing point before any product reaches to the ultimate customer. Due to limited space and unexpected demand, today’s market shifts on this basic model which is “consumers want, what they want and they want it immediately”. These characteristics commonly reside along the entire supply chain and it leads to ultimate effective supply chain management.

Warehousing services to all small or big business since they have huge warehousing space for any consignment. Our members can store commercial and industrial goods for very long duration at a reasonable price and in efficient manner. Our members have warehouses with Modern wall construction, Many Truck doors, Ground loading / unloading available, Modern security & fire protection, after hour’s security guard, fully insured, computerized inventory control, Light assembly, Cross docking.